ACHIEVEMENT - MP3 Affirmation & Subliminal audio’s - (ref# 100)

These audio’s enable you to open up to your greater good. It suggests such affirmations as:

  1. I feel good about my achievements.
  2. I now find it easy to reach my goals.
  3. I always succeed.
  4. Everything is coming to me easily and effortlessly.
  5. I can do anything; Success is a natural part of my life.
  6. All limitation are melting away.

NOTE: These are just a sampling of affirmations. The full audio version contains 18 powerfully scripted affirmations. See below for FREE sample and order details.

Affirmation purchase - MP3 Download, 20 minutes playing time


Affirmations - each affirmation is first spoken, then you are asked to repeat the affirmation. All affirmation have been professional mixed with relaxing music for optimum listening experience. Incorporates powerful binaural beat technology.



Retail price: $9.95



Subliminal purchase - MP3 Download, 20 minutes playing time




Subliminals - same affirmations as above only these have the affirmations masked masked below soothing music. So, while your conscious mind hears only the music, your subconscious hears the powerful affirmations and acts upon them. Incorporates powerful binaural beat technology.



Retail price: $9.95



Special - Purchase the Affirmation & Subliminal audio’s and save 50%



Affirmations and Subliminals - order both the Affirmation and the Subliminal audio’s and receive a 50% discount on your Subliminal purchase.


Retail price: $14.95



Our Guarantee - You Risk Absolutely Nothing



We are so confident that you will love our audio’s that we are willing to make this unprecedented guarantee. Invest in any of our audio’s today and take them for a trial spin. If, for any reason, you don’t experience major breakthroughs, Or you simply aren't satisfied, let us know within 8 Weeks and we will be happy to give you a full 100% refund.

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