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 Yes! I want the instructions for downloading the revolutionary new HypnosisEzy audio’s. delivered to me immediately so that I can experience Sculptor 3's amazing power -- and start manifesting the life of my dreams. I understand that because I am responding within the promotional period, I will also receive the 4 FREE gifts valued at $127, as follows:

  1. Science of Getting Rich - 2 hour Audio
  2. Spiritual marketing - by Joe Vitale
  3. The Master Key System - by Charles Hannel
  4. SubliminalEzy - Subliminal Messaging Software

I understand that the price for the individual audio’s is only $24.95 (USD). I further understand that my order is absolutely risk-free. If my HypnosisEzy audio does not produce major breakthroughs in my life, or if I'm not satisfied with the results I'm getting, I can request a 100% refund within 8 weeks, and I get to keep all the free gifts.



Creating Abundance - $24.95 each


Wealth is first created in the subconscious mind; through positive imagery, supporting beliefs and a strong sense of spirit. This Audio enables you to bypass the conscious mind while providing your subconscious mind with productive, life supporting beliefs along with powerful images of wealth and prosperity, (running time 37:22). Sample clip below Introduces a Mirror technique and walks you through a series of manifestations.


Creating Abundance Sample Clip.



Creating Ideal Relationships - $24.95 each


Many folks seems to have advice on how to make relationships work, yet few offer solutions that challenge our deep underlying unconscious beliefs. This Audio offers a series of positive relationships scenarios along with powerful affirmations that communicate directly with the unconscious mind, (running time 21:36). Sample clip below walks you through a series of relationship visualizations.


Creating Ideal Relationships Sample Clip


Improved Health - $24.95 each


What with the popularity of alternative therapies just about everyone is now aware of the positive connection between mind and body. This Audio offers several methods of hypnotic induction and instructs the listener in a powerful self healing process, (running time 34:29). Sample clip below introduces the basic relaxation technique.


Improved Health Sample Clip


Self-Hypnosis - $24.95 each


Explains the principles of self-hypnosis and helps you to easily reach a more elevated state of consciousness, (running time 27:06). Sample clip below offers positive suggestions prior to taking the listener in the relax section.


Self Hypnosis Sample Clip


Healing Others - $24.95 each


Teaches you how to harness the healing energies that are naturally present in the Universe and channel those energies to the people in your life who need help with their own health issues, (running time 30:43). Sample clip below walks the listener through an affirmation session.


Healing Others Sample Clip


Self Love - $24.95 each

Teaches you how to open your heart, increase your own self-respect, and get in better touch with your feelings and emotions, (running time 32:45). The sample section below takes the user through a powerful Spiritual connection process. The Spiritual connection process follows the visualization session so the user has a selection of images to work with.


Self Love Sample Clip


Binaural Beat Meditation - $24.95 each

Uses amazing audio technology to increase the brain’s activity levels and helps you to quickly and easily enter states of creativity and relaxation!, (running time 19:34). The sample clip below lets you listen to the Binaural beats that are masked by the soothing sound of music.


Binaural Beats Sample Clip 


Self-Hypnosis Revealed eBook - $29.95 each


This definitive guide to the science of self-hypnosis. Just look at what this amazing book covers:

  1. Fundamentals of Hypnosis
  2. Relaxation Techniques
  3. Testing Self-Induction
  4. Principles of Suggestions
  5. Concentrated Attention
  6. Reversed Effect
  7. Dominant Effect
  8. Goal Setting
  9. Goal Contract Set
  10. The Self-image
  11. Habits
  12. Waking Hypnosis
  13. Enthusiasm
  14. Building Self-confidence
  15. Stop Smoking
  16. Lose Weight
  17. Self-confidence
  18. Improve Family Relationships
  19. ... And much more


Self-Hypnosis Scripts eBook - $24.95 each


This eBook contains the full transcript to all the Self-Hypnosis sessions.


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