Here are just a few of the many letters I've received
from people like you...

... People who started with nothing more than a desire, and the willingness to have a go.


    "Overextended With This Great Program"

I have been using the HypnosisEzy for about one week now,and can only say that Jeff has overextended himself with this great program. I can not pinpoint the effect it has on me jet, but things inside me are changing,I feel good about it. I use it every day and I do the Affirmation as often as i can I believe strongly on that. It changes the outlook to life. As I am working with alternative medicine, I am a strong believer on these approaches anyway.
So, anybody who considers buying it, I would say go for it you won't regret.
-- Leila Cares
 Whitehorse Yukon Canada
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    "I Feel Safe, Joy, Optimistic And Encouraged"

I've purchased and have tried out other hypnosis cd's and tapes. I found these tapes to be multi-faceted for me. I feel like your in the room talking to me like a friend, I feel safe, joy, optimistic and encouraged all at the same time. I found your pacing to be perfect, along with your voice to be gentle and calming. I look forward to many changes occurring within and without.
-- Rita Israel
 Chicago, IL USA
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    “Can't Get Over How Totally Relaxed I Am”

I'm writing to say I am really liking Creating Abundance hypnosis - and I LOVE the Binaural Beat! I'm so glad I made this investment. I'm looking forward listen to the Binaural Beat as I'm drifting off to sleep. It may not be what it was intended for, but I found the 10-minute segment to be soooo relaxing, I couldn't help but wonder what 30 minutes would do for tired muscles!
I can't wait until next month when I can get started with Healing Others - I've been praying for a way to help my brother. It just so happens I started by listening to Creating Abundance, and I want to give it the full 30 days. I just can't get over how TOTALLY relaxed I am while listening. I didn't think it would be possible to sit in this chair long enough to listen to one of the segments - but I find the listening wonderful and overshadows any discomfort I may have.
-- Laurie Bettis
Cleveland, OH US
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    "The Energy And The Ideas That Keep Coming"

Your product is absolutely amazing. I didn't really think that this stuff is working, but i HAD to try something to make my life better... and i tried your HypnosisEzy. It's hard to explain but the energy and the ideas that keep coming to me already opened doors that i never knew existed. I am grateful and humbled...
Thank you
-- Ofelia Aldea
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    “This Is Exactly What I Want”

"I applied for a secondment opportunity on 16 Mar and I purchased HypnosisEzy on 18 Mar. I've been using the packages since. I was short-listed for an interview on 22 Mar. Today (26 Mar), I was told that I did very well in the interview. I am not the preferred applicant as I haven't got enough senior management experience. However, I am given other career development opportunities. Believe it or not, this IS exactly what I want. I do practise other personal growth / spiritual techniques but I feel that HypnosisEzy plays an important role. I am looking forward to experiencing other miracles. Thank you HypnosisEzy!"
-- Aggie
NSW, Australia
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    “Just A New Calmness That I'm Experiencing”

I've only just begun using HypnosisEzy. I purchased it the second day out after being very impressed by Jeff's daily affirmations program (Scupltor 3).
I'm beginning with the "Creating Abundance" meditation because I have some money concerns. After a week's use of the HypnosisEzy program (and not even every day of that week), I have this feeling of confidence about my financial health. I'm 65 years old and thinking about retirement within the next few years. Since starting HypnosisEzy, I no longer have this feeling of anxiety I once had.
It's hard to put my finger on exactly what the improvement in my outlook is ... it's just a new calmness that I'm experiencing. And the half-hour or so it takes to listen to the meditation speeds by. I listen first thing in the morning, actually before I'm fully awake, and it's a great way to start the day.
Glyndon, Maryland, USA
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    "This Time I Won"

Just had to let you know that after using the abundance mp3 and the subliminal software for winning i've just been on a day out to the Races, and whereas i normally only break even then lose out in the casino after, this Time I won, over 160 on the Horses and another 100 in the casino. These amounts may not seem a lot to some folk, but from small stakes its a fortune to me.
In fact out of six races there was only 1 race i did not get a return on, in fact in 1 race i picked out 2 longshots for eachway bets and they came in 1st &2nd. 3 winners 1second and 2 thirds. Thats after just 1 week, i hope i'm writing again soon when i get to tell you about my big wins in the future. Yours sincerely
-- Jeff Garforth
Leeds U.K.
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    “Hypnosisezy Is Superior”

I've used previous CDs and by far Hypnosisezy is superior. I've only been using it since March 19th but already find that things are working better for me. I also have had serious health issues and have not been able to sleep well and I'm finding the I sleep through the night. I've not changed anything such as diet or exercise but after the three nights, I sleep through the night, more rested and more confident. Thank you for making this affordable and all the bonus e-books are fantastic. I printed them my printer so that I could refer to them offline.
Again, may blessings continue to flow to you for sharing your talent and insight!
Paska Nayden
Easton CT, USA
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    “Listened 3 Times And Already Beginning To Feel Change”

I transferred 'Self Love' and 'Abundance' to CD so that I could listen to them in the quiet of my library. Although I have listened to them just 3 times so far I am already beginning to feel a big change within myself. Now, whether it's the messages I'm listening to or just a natural improvement in my feeling of confidence and well being, I can't say but I will continue listening to these messages each night when I have finished my very demanding work. The other messages will be transferred to CD when I feel that I have obtained all the help I need from the above two.
I'm not a great believer in coincidence, so my current conclusion is that I'm feeling better because of the messages. They are very easy to listen to and I do feel wonderfully relaxed after listening to them. And I am definitely sleeping better - which is great because I am an insomniac. I am very happy to have made the purchase when so many purchases over the Internet turn out to be terrible duds.
James Hanley
Melbourne, Australia
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    “Feel My Life Is More On Track”

Dear Jeff, Thanks for the system - its great. After only a few days I can feel that my life is more on track than I thought it could be.
The system is really good and easy to use and I look forward to my 'top-ups' everyday.
I feel more confident about the future and ready to receive all the benefits in life that I deserve.
Perth, Western Australia
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    “Feeling More Relaxed And Empowered”

I'm really enjoying using HypnosisEZY. It's so reassuring to know that I can make positive, lasting changes in my life just by listening to these audios! The thing i love most about the program is the convenience. The 10-minute versions allow me to sneak in a quick mental refreshener whenever I'm travelling or have a break during my day. I'm already feeling much more relaxed and empowered after only a few days using this program.
Thanks Jeff!
Scott Henderson
Brisbane, Australia
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    “More Focused And Clear On What I Really Want”

Dear Jeff, I am so enjoying your self-guided meditations, the reams of affirmations and the e-books.
I am finding myself more focused and more clear on what it is that I "really" want in my life each and everyday.
Even in this short time I am already finding myself calmer and more able to handel the daily stresses and tasks at hand. My family is noticing the change in our home too. Self-love really ends up touching so many other areas of our lives.
Thank you for helping me, help myself to live the full life I deserve.
Mary Baut
Victorville, CA USA
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    “Another Great Idea From You Guys”

The programme is another great idea from you guys, and it means I can use positive self hypnosis whilst at work or whenever I have a spare ten minutes. I am blessed with working from home, but if I had to get on a bus or train or plane to go to work it would be very handy to listen to in the dead time that travel can be.
I definitely notice a difference in my energy, both internal and external: calmer and stronger.
South Yorkshire, UK
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    “Profond And In Aligment With LOA“

Tomar, portugal, i have the hypnosisEzy for a few days now, and i found then very profond and in aligment with the the points of view of the LOA, and the real way to deal with things, they are also very pleasant to practice.
thank you jeff
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    “Helps Him To Become Calm, Relaxed And Comforted“

Dear Jeff: My husband is going through a depression which is partly due to business and finance, so when I saw your product I thought I would try it to see what would happen.
He uses it every day and it helps him to become calm, relaxed and comforted. He says that sometimes what happens is quite profound, kind of hard for him to put into words. It is helping him deal with the situations he is facing and learning that he can change the course of things by focusing on the right thoughts and putting them into action both physically and mentally, especially through the visualization process.
Reprogramming is definitely the key to changing outcomes and he looks forward to using HypnosisEsy every day.
Thank you for all your efforts in bringing this product to market. I am truly grateful.
Liz McGrath
Thornhill, Ontario Canada
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    “Helping Me Channel My Thoughts”

Hi Jeff, HypnosisEzy is fabulous. I am learning so much as I listen to the recordings and read the inspirational pdfs. I believe it is helping me channel my thoughts, energy and feelings towards wealth, abundance and prosperity. Many thanks for an excellent product.
Olwyn Kinder
Sydney, Australia
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    “An Invaluable And User-Friendly Life Tool For Everyone”

Thanks for 'gifting' your customers with the next set of self-empowerment and self-improvement tools -- HypnosisEzy.
The Affirmware software has served as a great foundational tool for me to re-examine, re-prioritize and revitalize my mind - my goals - my purpose for life.
By adding HynosisEzy's set of meditational tapes, I've been able to incorporate the best of what I learned through Affirmware to reach for a higher level of self-consciousness and awareness.
Each of the meditations are designed to learn how to 'empty my mind' and 'get out of my own head' so that I can allow life's awesome 'goodness' and 'wholeness' to re-enter and re-establish those thoughts into every area of my life - mind, body and spirit.
HypnosisEzy is an invaluable and user-friendly life tool for everyone. It is the culmination of the SUPER-natural world's wisdom manifested from ancient Greek and Roman philosophers to Taoism, Buddhism, metaphysics, existentialism, and Christianity.
God bless you for blessing us with this gift.
Monica G.
Helena, Montana
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    “Blasts Away My Insecurities And Procrastination”

Hi Jeff, Many thanks for the HypnosisEzy product. I love using it because it fits into my busy day so easily.
My favourite is 'Creating Abundance'. It puts me on a high for hours and blasts away my insecurities and procrastination.
Just the other day I was dithering over a money making opportunity so I listened to 'Creating Abundance' again and I have grabbed that opportunity like there is no tomorrow. It will repay the cost of HypnosisEzy a hundred times over.
This is such an empowering product they should use it in the schools.
Thanks again.
Ian Davies (Aussie Farmer)
Stawell, Australia
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    “More Positive In Recognising The Opportunities”

Hi Jeff, Thank you so much for developing your HypnosisEzy program which I have now been using for 2 weeks now.
Initially I was very hesitant to send for it because I am not very techno minded when it comes to downloading files from the web but I can say you made the links and the whole process so easy and user friendly. I have started with creating abundance and have been remarkably suprised in my attitude towards attracting money and how now I seem to be so much more positive in recognising the opportunities that are coming my wat that before I would of negatively just pushed aside. I know its only been a couple of weeks so I'm sure I am going to get my monies worth many times over. Another reason I purchased your outstanding program was because it covered all the other areas to improve my life such as creating ideal relationships, improved help, healing others & self love. As I have a beautiful daughter that sadly has suffered severe depression over the last 2 years I am very keen to share this wonderful program with her also.
I will keep you posted on our individual journey's of discovery.
Jeff thank you again
Malcolm Castling
Mount Martha, Victoria Australia
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    “Feel So Much More Positive About My Life”

Hi Jeff, My name is Eileen and I’m from Sydney Australia. I’ve only had the HypnosisEzy CD for a few days now, but have been using it on a regular basis before I go to bed. I find that it relaxes me and in the mornings my mind feels so clear and I feel so much more positive about my life. I currenly have a few “projects” that I’m working on, and will keep you informed as to their success! With the help of the HypnosisEzy I feel sure that it will only be matter of time!
Eileen Haine
Sydney, Australia
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    “Binaural-Beat Are The Most Relaxing Sounds I Have Ever Heard”

Hi Jeff, My name is Temenuzhka Draganova from UK. I am already using sculptor 3 and I really wanted to have your new product. I am not having second thoughts not even for a second about my investment.
I can only share my opinion only Binaural-Beat, Creating-Abundance and Improved-Health. Especially about Binaural-beat are the most relaxing sounds I have ever heard. My real testimonial is from using Improved-health. Few days ago my ribs were really hurting because i hit myself accidentally. The pain was unbearable. It was difficult even for me to breathe, so i started to use the techniques of Improved-health and after the 3rd session the pain was gone. I was so amazed and told everybody about this. Now i am working with Creating-abundance and I am expecting the same positive results.
Thank you very much for giving something so worthy to the world.
-- T.Draganova
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    "Catch Myself Feeling Self Confident, Happy, Even Joyous"

Thank you so much for creating such a powerful tool- the HypnosisEzy program!
There is so much to listen to, I have narrowed my focus to: Creating Abundance and Self Love. I listen to one in the early morning and one in the afternoon each day. I also bring my mp3 player to work and listen to the 10 minute coordinating programs when I have a break and some private time.
The quality of the sound is incredible. The voice is soothing and the visualizations are rich and inspiring. I have downloaded all the programs onto my ipod and carry it with me all the time. I find myself looking for extra time in my day just so I can listen to more!
My original intention was to use the audios to clear my mind and set abundance affirmations in my consciousness. This program has certainly helped me to achieve this and much more. I feel sooooooo rested. I catch myself feeling self confident, happy, even joyous. I'm accomplishing more each day and people are telling me how "pretty" I look. I certainly wasn't expecting that!!
The entire program is worth tenfold what I have paid. I received the seven half hour audios and the matching seven 10 minute audios. The sounds and music in the 10 minute audios immediately bring to mind all the images from the coordinating half hour pieces. I can get a quick shot of positive vibrations whenever I need to refresh my energy level.
I'm also enjoying the variety of visualizations and deep relaxation suggestions. My only regret is that I can't listen to them while I'm driving my car. Although I am very tempted to do this, I know that I often fall deeply asleep while listening.
Once again, thank you so much for this quality product. I'm looking forward to more audios in the future.
-- Deborah
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